The Outlook Approach to Investment Management

A key component of your Retirement and Financial plan is managing your investments with your goals and your tolerance for risk in mind.

Our advisors have developed what they feel is a sound investment process that helps provide:

  1. Long-term growth to help you save and invest FOR retirement.
  2. Wealth preservation and income creation IN retirement.

Long-Term Growth for Those Saving and Investing for Retirement

For those accumulating wealth and investing for retirement, our advisors create a diverse, customized portfolio according to both your goals and how you would like your money to behave.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you: 

  • Create a tailored investment portfolio based on your goals for retirement,
  • Stay invested potentially to benefit from the long-term growth trends of the markets, and
  • Select investment options with only your goals in mind.

Wealth Preservation and Income to Fund Your Lifestyle in Retirement

For those in retirement, our advisors structure your nest egg to help seek the long-term growth you will need for the future and to fight the eroding power of inflation. They also set up the income streams you need to fund your lifestyle.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you:

  • Transition into retirement,
  • Balance the need for short-term cash flow and long-term preservation and growth,
  • Avoid big market downturns by diversifying* your investments and managing risk,
  • Remove the stress of managing your own investments,
  • And provide that your retirement and investment plans are not "set once and forgotten," with our ongoing, proactive management. 

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*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.


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