We know Social SecurityOutlook Financial Group advisors have been helping people understand how the SSA system works for years, helping our clients navigate through the complexities of various filing strategies. 

When people think of retirement, or planning for their retirement, they typically think of taking Social Security benefits at that time.  After all, we have worked our entire lives paying into a system to provide income in our later years.  But, this line of thinking may be flawed in many cases due to the various filing strategies and age related opportunities that the Social Security system offers. People generally believe that one can merely go to the local Social Security Administration (SSA) office to get the best advice on maximizing benefits, and in fact, a recent survey indicated that 84% expect benefit claiming advice from SSA¹. But in actuality, SSA representatives are prohibited from giving election advice².

 We feel that optimizing your SSA benefits is a key piece of the retirement planning process, and we incorporate SSA benefit planning into our services. OFG subscribes to two different Social Security analytic resources that can provide valuable personalized input into what filing strategy may provide the best outcome. 

 Everyone’s circumstances are different, and there is no single Social Security filing strategy that works for everyone. So, if you or anyone that you know has concerns about Social Security: benefits, how it works, timing for filing or filing options, OFG has the resources and experience to guide you through the process.

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  2. Socialsecuritytiming.com

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